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in his Holy Arm of Power, nor his dear Son, in his 1719. unparallelld Love, and most pure Doctrine ; whose Doctrine shall be set down, as the Spirit indiced it to 'the seven Churches in Asia. First, to the Church of Ephesus. Secondly, to the Church of Smyrna. Thirdly, to the Church of Pergamus. Fourthly, to che Church of Thyatira. Fifthly, to the Church of Sardis. Sixthly, : to the Church of Philadelphia. Seventhly, to the Church of Laodicea. .. 1

· First, To the Church of Epbefus, Rev. ii. 7. He that bath an Ear 10 bear, let bim bear what the Spirit faith unto the Churcbes, to him that overcometh will I give to eat of the Tree of Life, which is in the Midst of the Paradise of God. Here is an excellent Promise and blessed Encouragement to such as believe, and are faichful, and are defirous to fight in the Lamb's War against Sin and Satan: The.Tame Apostle gives a Descripition of this Tree of Life, in the abovefaid Book ; 6 Thal ic bears twelve Manner of Fruits,' and bears its Fruits every Month, and its Leaves are for the healing of the Nations ;" which mystically points at Christ, who is faichful in his precious Promises and Doctrine, and has that Virtue in him, that through Faith, will heal the Na, tions of their Wounds which Sin has given them. Those who continually eat of the Tree of Life, shall live for ever ; but a flaming Sword will turn every Way, to keep the unbelieving Sinners from it : None in a State of Sin and Disobedience can come to enjoy the Paradise of God. The above is an excellent Promise to all those who overcome Sin, and the D:vil, who is the Author of ir.. :. Secondly, To the Church of Smyrna, Rev. ii. . 11. He that halb an Ear to bear, det him bear what the Spirit faith to the Churches. ibat overcometh Thall not be burt of the second Death: Which is that'eternal Duath which is in Hell, or that Lake of Fire which burns for ever, where the Worm never dieth, and the Fire never goeth out. This holy Warfare is certainly a Fighting




1719. for Life, against eternal Death and Hell; which is

of much greater Consequence than natural Life and · Death. Oh! Fight for your Lives against Sin and Satan, against Pride and Vanity, and all Manner of Wickedness; put on the whole Armour of Light ; look unto God, through Christ the victorious Lamb, that you may be saved from the eternal Lake of Fire, and not be hurt of the second Death. Oh ! may we know a dying daily to Sin, to the World, the Flesh, and the Devil, that we may live unto God, through Faith in his dear Son Jesus Christ.

Thirdly, To the Church of Pergamus. Rev. ii. 17. He that barb an Ear to bear, let bim bear what the Spirit faith to the Churches. To bim tbat overcomelb will I give to eat of tbe biūden Manna ; and I will give him a wbite Stone, and in the Stone a new Name written, which no Man knoweth, saving be that receivetb it. Here are four excellent Promises to him that overcometh, the Lord opens his Treasury of Life, and of Wisdom, in order to invite Souls to the mighty Battle of the Lamb, who is not like the Princes of this World, who fometimes promise great Things to their Soldiers or Followers, and do not perform ; but God's Promises are all Yea and Amen for ever. . · The first Promise is, to eat, of the bidden Manna : The Children of Israel eat Manna (outwardly) as it is written, in the Wilderness, and are dead; but those who eat of this hidden Manna, this Angels-food, and who are hid with God in Chrift, these shall never die (i. e. fpiritually) for this hidden Manna is the Flesh and Blood of the Son of God, who said, Except ye eat my Flesh and drink my Blood, ye bave no Life in you, John vi. 31, 49, 50, 51, &c.

Second Promise is, to have a white Stone ; this Stone is Christ, who is the chief Corner Srone of God's Building or Church, the New Jerusalem, which the wise Letter-learned Master-builders let at nought ; but he is the Head of the Saints Building or Corner, and

á Holy Precious Stone, the Elect or Chosen of God, 17 the Gift of God, to all those who truly believe, and a overcome Sin, as he did ; and as it is written, If he give us his Son, Hall be not witb bis Son give us all Things ? There is Abundance of Talk and Writing about the. Philosopher's Stone ; but this White Stones (which is the Gift of God to those who overcome Sin, and Satan) is the true Philosopher's Stone, (A Philosopher is a Lover of Wisdom, and Chrift is the Wisdom of God :) This Stone will certainly do Miracles for them that have it, through the Virtue of its Power, it will procure Joy in Tribulation, Patience in Amfictions, Health in Sickness, Riches in Poverty, Strength in Weakness, Liberty in Bonds, and to sum up all (which indeed is a great Sum) Life in Death.

Third Promise, and in the Stone a new Name : How many gay Sparks and Beaus would do Abundance to gain Honour or a Name among Men ? Nothing is dear to them in this World, neither their Eftates, nor the nearest Relation they have in the World, so that they may gain a Name here below; no, not even their own Lives ; but, Oh! did Mortals know the Virtue of this Name, and were they in Love with it, then the World, and all its fading Beauty and Vanity, would be nothing to them in Comparison of this Name, which is better than the Names of Sons of Worldly Glory, and Maids or Daughters of Honour ; for those outward Names are fading, viz. To-day a King, a Prince, a Duke, an Earl, a Lord, a Knight, and (has been, and may be again) To-morrow on the Scaffold : But this Name which the King of Kings giveth those who overcome Sin and Satan, is a Name which will outlast Time, and it will endure to Eternity.

Fourth Promise is, " That it should be secret (only to the World) buc surely known to him that hath it." Great Men, when their Acts and Titles of Honour are blazoned abroad in the World, they have many


1719. Enemies many Ways, who envy chem ; and yet some

are so vain as to love Grandeur and Popularity, notwithstanding; but he that hath a Name that Chrift gives, so long as he is sensible of in himself, he is therewith fatisfied. : : .

. Now as this is the Portion (and more, which is hereafter mentioned) of those who overcome the wieked One, then, on the contrary, what will become of those who live and delighe in Sin, and are daily overcome with ic? For the Holy Scriptures are positive, That the Wicked, with all those thai forget God, all be turned into Hell. This is the determinate Will of God: And chat we may cake the more Notice of it, co observe and do his Will, he hath caused it to be written down in the Language of the Holy Spirit, in the Holy Scriptures of Truth, which are of no private Interpretation ;: but naked, and open to mean Capacities. The Holy Scriptures are not to be interpreted to the private Interest of any parcicular Person or Sett of Persons only; but are a general Benefie unto all the faithful Believers and Followers of Christ, through the whole World... a . -..:: · Fourthly, To the Church at Thyatira, Rev. ii: 26. to the End ; And be that overcometh, and keepeth my Works unto the End, to him I will give Power over the Nations, and I will give him the Morning-star. Helhat bath an Ear to bear, let him bear what the Spirit faith unto the Churcbes. · The Spirit still continues promising his gracious Privileges upon Condition of overcoming: Wherefore, if it had been impossible to have overcome Sin and Satan, then all chele Promises would have been in vain, and the Holy Scriptures deceiving, which would be to make Christ and the Apostles Deceivers; but Christ, his Apostles, and the Holy Scriptures, are true, and every one that contradicts God, is a Liar.'' .

Let it be observed, that there must be a keeping the Word to the End also ; for divers have run well for a Time, and overcone many Sins, through the


fall bares of the Earths and Priests unis greater than

Help and Goodness of God, and yet afterwards have 1719. run into Sin again, whereby they have grieved the good Spirit of God, by which they should have been Sealed to the Day of Redemption, and so the Lord hath taken his good Spirit and Gift of Light and Grace from them, and left them to themselves, and their own Hearts Lufts; but such as hold out in Well, doing to the End, the same shall be saved, and those Jall bave Power over the Nations ; the Laws of Men; or Powers of the Earth or Hell, cannot hurt them but they will be as Kings and Priests unto God, ruling over their own Spirits, such an One is greater than one that ruleth a City, and cannot govern himself. Another excellent Gift is promised here to the victori, ous Christian Warrior, viz. I will give him the Morning-ftar: 'Tis indeed a very comfortable Gift, to behold the Morning-star, after a long, tedious stormy Night, earnestly waiting for the Morning : Oh :. 'ris wonderful pleasant. This Morning-ftar the Writer of these Lines hath witnessed, both as to his natural and spiritual. Travels; but especially to hiş inward-State and Condicion as a Christian. Those that have a true Sight and Senfe of this Divine Star, are made to rejoice; for then they do infallibly know, that the Day of the Most High is at Hand, and that his Kingdom draws near unto them. Amen, Holy Lord Jesus!

As the Day-star is a Fore-runner of the natural Day, fo is the heavenly Morning-ftar a Fore-runner of the Day of the Most High to the Soul., ☺ i · Fiftbly, To the Church of Sardis, Rev; ji 5. He that overcometb ball be clotbed in white Raiment, and I will not blot bis Name out of the Book of Lifey but I will confess him before my Father, and before his Angels. He Ibat bath an Ear to bear, let him bear what the Spirit failb unto the Churches. These Promises of God, through his Spirit, and through his Servant, to the Church of Sardis, is, « That those who overcome shall be clothed in white Raiment;" and he says in the 4th

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