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Infancy aj Jesus.


Ministry of Jonn diligently what time the star aplicared, cuild and lis Bother, and go into the

8 And he sent them to Bethlelemn, land of Israel: for therare dead which and said, Go and search diligently for sought the young child's life. the young child; and when ye bave 21 And he arose, and took the young found him, bring me word again, that child and his mother, an came into I may come and worship him also. the land of Israel. 91T When they had heard the king, 22 But when he heard that Archelaug they departed; And, lo, the star, which did reign in Judea in tbc room of his they saw in the east, went before thein, father Heroil, he was afraid to go tulit caine and stood over where the thither : notifithstanding, being warnyoung child was,

ed of God in a drean, be turned aside 10 When they saw the star, they re- into the parts of Galilee: joiced with exceeding great joy. 23 And he came and dwelt in a city 11 I And when they were come into called Nazareth; that it might be fui thic Louse, they saw the young child filled which was spoken by the proph with Mary his mother, and fell down ets, He shall be called a Nazarene. and worshipped him: and when they

CHAP. III. had opened their treasures, the pre. I those days came John the Baptist,

preaching in the wilderness of Ju incenec, and myrrh.

12 And being warned of God in a.? And saying, Repent ye: for the dream that they should not retum to kingdom of heaven is at hand. Herod, they departed into tieir own 3 For this is he tliat was spoken of country another way.

by the proplet Esaias, saying, The 13 1 And wben they were departed, roice of one crying in the wilderness, behold, the angel of the Lord appear- Prepare ye the way of the Lord, make eth to Joseph in a dream, saying, his paths straight. Arise, and take the young child and 4 And the same Jolinhad his raiment his mother, and fee into Egypt, and of camel's bair, and a leathern girdi be thou there until I bring thee word: about his loins: and his meat was lo. for Herod will seek the young child custs and wild honey. to destroy biin.

5 || Then went out to him Jerusalem, 14 When he arose, he took the young and all Judea, and all the region round child and his mother by night, ud about Jordan, departed into Egypt;

6 Aud were baptized of him in Jor15 And was there until the death of dan, confessiog their sias. Herod: tiat it might be fulfilled 7 T. But when he saw many of the which was spoken of the Lorul by the Pharisees and Sadducees come to lis propbet, saying, Out of Egypt lave I baptism, he said unto them, o genecaller my son.

ration of vipers, who hath wamed 16 Then Herod, when he saw that you to flee from the wrath to come? he was mocked or the visc men, was 8 Briug forth therefore fruits weet exceeding wroth, and sent forlli, and for repentance: slew all the children that were in 9 And think not to say within yourBethlehem, and in all the costs there. sclves, We have Abraham to our faof, from two years old and under, ac- ther: for I say unto you, that God is cording to the tine which he liad dil- able of these stones lo raise up

cluila igently inquired of the wise men. dren unto Abraham, 17 Then wil fulfilled that which 10 And now also the axe is laid unto was spoken by Jeremy the prophet, the root of the trees: therefore every saying,

tree which bringeth not forth good 18 In Rama was there a voice heard, fruit is hewn down, and cast into the lamentation, and weeping, and great fire. mourning, Rachel weeping for her 11 I indeed baptize you with water children, and would not be comforted, unto repentance: but he that cometh because they are not.

after me is inightier than I, wbose 19 1 But when flerod was dead, be shocs I am not worthy to bear: he hold, an angel of the Lord appeareth shall baptize you with the Holy Ghost, üasireain to Joseple in Egypt, and nvith fire: 29 Saying, Arise, nu lako the young 2 Whose fan is in his land, and he

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Baptism, Templation, CHAP. IV

und Alinistry of Jesus. Nice thorouglily purge his noor, and Thou shall worship the Lord thy God gather bis wheat into the garner: but and hiin only shalt thou screc. he will burn up the chall with un- 11 Then Llic devil leavetb bim, and, cuonchable fire.

behold, angels came and ministered 13 1 Tuen cometh Jesus from Gali- unto him. .ec to Jordan unlo John, to be bapti. 12 Now, when Jesus bad heard ed or him.

that John was cast into prison, le de 14 But John forbade him, saying, 1 parted into Galilee; have need to be baptized of thee, and 13 And leaving Nazareth, he came connest thou to me?

and dwelt in Capernaum, which is 15 And Jesus answering, said unto upon the sea-coast, in the borders of bim, Susier it to be so now: for thus Zabulon and Nephih:lim; it becometh us to fulfil all righteous.) 14 That it might be whilled which

Tlien lie suffered liin, was spoken by Esaias the prophet, 16 And Jesus, when he was baptized, saying, went up straightway out of the water: 25 The land of Zabulon, and the lani and, lo, wie heavens were opened unto of Nephthalim, by the way of the sea, him, and lie saw the Spirit of Godde-beyond Jordan, Galilee of the Gen. scending like a dove, and lighting up-tiles; on win:

16 The people which eat in dark17 And, lo, a voice from heaven, ness saw great light; and to them saying, This is my beloved Son, in which sat in the region and shadow whom I am well pleased.

of death, light is sprung up. СНАР. Іү

17 91 From that time Jesus began to TI THEN was Jesus led up of the preach, and to say, Repent: for the

Spirit into the wilderness, to be kingdom of heaven is at hand. tempted of die devi).

13 1 And Jesus, walking by the sea 2 And when lin had lasted forty days of Galilee, saw two brelliren, Simon anıl forty niglits, he was afterward a called Peter, and Andrew his brother, hungered

casting a net into the sea: for they 3 Aud when the tempter caine to were fislers. niin, he said, if thou be the Son of 19 And be saith unto then, jollow God, command that these stones be me, and I will make you fishers of made bread.

4 But he answered and said, It is 20 And they straightway left their written, Man shall not live by bread nets, and followed him. alone, but by every word that proceed 21 And going on from thence, he sair eth out of the mouth of God. other two brethren, Jines the son of 5 Then the devil taketh hin up into Zebedlce, and Jolin liis brother, in a the lioly city, and setteti bio on a ship with Zebedee their fatier, mend pinnacle of the temple,

ing their nets; and he called them. 6 And saith unto him, If tliou be tlie 22 And they inmediately left the Son of God, cast thyself dowo: for it ship and their father, and followed is written, He slall give his angels win. charge concerning thee; and in their 23 1 And Jesus went about all Gali. hands they shall bear thiee up, lest atlee, teaching in their synagogues, and any time úrou daslı thy foot against a preaching thic gospel of the Kingdom,

and healing all manner of sickness, 7 Jesus said unto him, It is written and all manner of discase, among the again, Thou shalt not tempt the Lord people. thy God.

24 And his fame went throughout all 8 Again, the devil taketh him up in Syria: and they brought unto hinn all to an exceeding high mountain, and sick people that were taken with diblioweth him all the kingdoms of the vers diseases and torments, and those world, and the glory of thein; which were possessed with devils, and

9. And saith unto bim, All these those which were lunatic, and those things will I give thee, is thou wilt that had the palsy; and be healed fall down and worship me.

tiem. 10 Then saith Jesus unto him, Get 25 And there followed him great Wee lience, Satan; for it is written, multitudes of people froni Galilee,



me are happy.

17e Law of God. and from Decapolis, and firm Jeru- 19 Who90erer therefore shall breaks bilem, and from Judea, and fion be one of these least commandments, and J'ond Jordan.

shall teach men so, he shall be called CHAP. V. the least in the kingdom 01* licaven:

teach ND seeing the multitudes, lie went but whosoever shall do and A

up into a mountain; and when them, the same shall be called great iic was set, liis disciples came unto in the kingdom of heaven, lim:

20 For I say unto you, That except 2 And he opened his south, and your righteousness shall exceed the taught them, saying,

riglueousness of the scribes and Plar3 Blessed are the poor in spirit: for isecs, je shall in no case enterinto the theirs is the kingdom of heaven. kingrlom of heaven.

4 Blessed are they that inourn: for 21 [ Ye have heard that it was said they shall be comforted.

by them of old time, Thou shalt noc 5 Blessed are the meck: for they kill; and whosoever shall kill shall be bball inherit the earth.

in danger of the judgment: 6 Blessed are they wliich do hunger 22 But I say unto you, That wlioso and thirst after righteousness: for they ever is angry with big brother without shall be filled.

a cause, sliall be in danger of the judg. 7 Blessed are the mcrciful: for thicy ment; and whosoever shall say to his aliall obtain mercy.

brother, Raca, shall be in danger of 9 Blessed are the pure in heart: for the council; but whosoever shall say, they shall see God.

Thou sool, shall be in Janger of hell 9 Blessed are the peace-makers: for fire. they shall be called the children of 23 Therefore, if the bring thy gift God.

to the altar, and there remeinberest 10 Blessed are they which are per- that thy brother bath aught against secuted for rynicousness' sake: for thee, theirs is the kingdom of licaven. 24 Leave there thy gilt before the

Il Blessed are ye when men shall altar, and go thy way; first be recou revile you, and persecute you, and ciled to thy brother, and Wien come shall say all inanner of evil against and offer thy gist you falsely, for my sake.

25 Agree with thine adversary quick. 12 Rejoice, and be exceeding glad;!y, wliile thou art in the way with for.great is your reward in heaven: him; lest at any time the adversary for 80 persecuted they the proplets deliver thee to the judge, and Die judge which were before you.

deliver thee to the officer, and thiou be 13 T Yė are the salt or the eart : but cast inlo prison, If the sald have lost his savour, where- 26 Verily I say unto thee, Thou shalt with shall it be salted? it is tlience. by no means conie out thence, till forth good for nothing, but to be cast thou hast paid the utterirost farthing, out, and to be trodden under foot of 27 1 Yc have beard that it was said

by them of old time, Thou shalt riot 1 Ye are the light of the world. A commit adultery: city that is set on a hillcannot be hid. 28 But I say unto you, That wlioso

15 Neither do men light a candle, ever lookcth on a woman to lust aller and put it under a bushel, but on a her, hatli committee adultery willa candlestick; and it gircth light unto her already in his heart. all that are in the Louse.

29 And if thy right eye ofend ilice, 16 Let your light so shine before pluck it out, and cast il fron llec: men, that they may see your good for it is profitable for thce that one of works, and glorify your Father which thy members should perish, and not is in ilearen

that thy whole body should be cast 17 T Think not that I am come to de- into hell. stroy the law, or the prophets: I am 30 And if thy right hand oftend thee, not come to clestroy, but to fulfil. cut it off, and cast it from tliee: for it

19 For varily I say unto you, Till is profitable for thee that one of thy heaven aid earth pass, one jot or one inembers should perish, and not that lille shall in no wise pass from the thy whole body should be call into law, till all be fulfilled.


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LOLC 10 nemics.

CAP, VI. Allention to 016 79011004. 31 It hath been said, Whiosperer shall, 48 Bc y'e therefore perfect, even s6 put away his wife, let hina give lier a your Father which is in heaven is writing of divorceinent:

perfect. 32 But I say


WAKE heed ye do for the cause of fornication, causetli her to commit adultery: and who90-thicm; otherwise ye have no reward ever shall marry her that is divorced of your Father which is in lieaven. coinnoittell adultery.

2 Therefore, when thou duest thing 33 | Agaiu, ye lare heard that it alais, do not sound a trumpet before nath beeu said by then of old tiine, tiee, as the hypocrites do in the syn)Thou shalt uot lorswear thysell, bulagogues, and in the streeta, liat they shalt perforin unto the Lord whine may lave glory of men. Verily I say Oathy :

unto you, 'They have their reward. 34 But I say unto you, Swear not at 3 But when thou doest alms, let mot all: neither by heaven; for it is God's thy left hand know what thy right tlırone:

Land doetli; 35 Nor by the eartlı; for it is his 4 That thine alms may be in secret footstool: neither by Jerusalem; for and thy Father, which seeth in secret it is the city of the great King:

hijnseli shall reward thee openly. 36 Neither shalt thou swear by thy 6 T And when thou prayest; thou acad; because thou canst not make shalt not be as the hypocrites are: for one lair white or black.

they love to pray standing in the ayna37 But let your comununication be gogues, and in the corners of the Yea, yea; Nay, nay: for whatsoever streets, dat they may be seen of men. is more than thiese cometli of evil. Verily 1 say unto you, They have tlcir

38 | Ye have licard that it liath been reward. said, di eye for an eye, and a tooui 6 But thou, when thou prayest, entei for a quoth:

into tly closet; and when thou liast 39 But I say unto you, That ye resist shut tlay Joor, pray to lly Father noi evil; but whosoever shall sinite which is in secret; and thy Father, thee on thy right cheek, tuin to him wlich sceili in secret, shall rewari the other also.

tliec openly 40 And if any man will sue thee at 9 But when ye pray, use not vain the law, and take away thy coat, let repetitions, as the neathen do: for him have thy cloak also.

they think tbat they shall be heard 41 Aud whosoever shall compel thee for their much speaking. co go a inile, go witli liim twain. S Benot ye therefore like unto thein:

42 Give to him that asketh tliee ; for your Father kuoweth what things and from him that would borrow ol ye have need of before ye ask hiin. thee turn not thou away.

9 After this manner therefore prits 43 | Ye lave heard that it bath been ye: Our Father which art in beaves; said, Thou shalt lore thy neighbour, hallowed be thy name. and late thine enemy:

10 Thy kingdom come. Thy will be 44 But I say unto you, Love your crro done in carth, as it is in heaven. einics, bless them that curse you, do 11 Give us this day our daily breail. good to them that hate you, and pray 12 And forgive us our debis, as we for them which despitefully use you, forgive our debtors. and persecute you;

13 And lead us not into temptation; 45. That ye may be the children of but deliver us from evil: For thine is your father which is in heaven: for the kingdom, and the power, and the he initketh his gun to rise on the evil glory, for ever. Amen. and on the good, and sendeth rain on 14 T For if ye forgive men their the just and on the unjust

trespasses, your heavenly Father will 16 For if ye love them which love also forgive you. you, what reward have ye? do not 16. But if ye forgive not men their even the publicans the same! trespasses, neither will your Father

17 And if ye salute your breuiren forgive your trespasses. nuly, what do ye more than others. 161 Norcorer, when ye fast, be not, do not even the publicans so? as the hypocrites, of a and couate

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Heavenly mindedness. S. MATTICI,

The golden ruie. nance; for they disfigure their faces, ing, Wbat shall we eat? or, What shall that they may appear unto meo to last.we druk ? or, Wherewithal shall we Verily I say unto you, They liare Llicir be clolbed? teward.

32 (For after all these things do the 17 But thou, when thou fastest, anoint Gentiles scek :) for your heavenly l'athy head, and wash thy lace;

ther knoweth that ye bave need of ali 18 That Wou appeai not unto men to these things. fast, but unto thy Father which is in 33 But seek ye first the kingdom of secret: and thy Father, which sech God, and his righteousness; and all in secret, shall reward chee openly. Wiese things shall be added unto you

19 1 Lay not up for yourselves utas- 31 Take therefore no thought for the ures upon earth, where moth and rust morrow: for the morrow shall take doth corrupt, and where thieves break thought for the things of itsell. Sur through and steal:

ficicot unto the day is the evil thereof. 20 But lay up for yourselves treas

CHAP. VII. ures in dieaven, where neither moth JUDGE not, that we be not judged.

rual dou corrupt, and whicre thieves do not break trouglı nor judge, ye shall be judged: and with steal:

wat mensure ye inete, it sliall be 21 For where your treasure is, there measured to you again. will your heart be also.

3 And why beloldest thou the mote 22 T The light of the body is the that is in thy brotber's cye, but con eye: if therefore thine eye be single,siderest Hot Wie beum tui is in lliure Hy whole body shall be full of light own eye?

23 But is thine eye be evil, uyi 4 Ur how wilt liou saj' to thy broth-
wliole body sliall be full of darkness. er, Let me pull out the mote out of
If therefore the light that is in the thine eye; and, Leliold, a beam is in
be darkness, low great is ulat dark thinc own eye?

6 Tbou hypocrite, first cast out the
24 11 No man cau seive two inasters: beam oul of thine own eye; and llıca
for either he will bate uie one, and still thou see clearly to cast out the
love the other; or else he will holu mote out of why brother's eyc.
to the one, anu despise the other. Yel 6 Give not that which is holy wito
cannot serve God and inunnon. the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls

25 Therefore I say unto you, Take before swine, lest they trample them
no thought for your life, what ye shali under their liet, and turn again und
eal, or what ye shall drink; nor yet renu you.
for your body, what ye shall put on. 7 T Ask, and it shall be given you:
Is not die ale more than mcal, and the seek, and ye shall fiud; knock, and it
body thau rainient?

sh:ll be opened uulo you:
26 Behold the fowls of the air: for 8 por cvery one that askelli, receir.
they sow not, neither do they reap, etli: and lie that seeketh, findeth:
lior gather into borns; yet your heav. and to bim that knockell, it shall be
enly Father seedeth them. Are ye opened.
Hot much better than they?

9 Or what man is there of you, whoin 27 Which of you, by taking thought, is his son ask bread, will be give him can add one cubit unto his stature?

a slone? 28 And why take ye thought for rai- 10 Or is lie ask a fish, will he give ment? Consider the lilies of the field, him a serpenti low they grow; they toil noh, neither 11 If ye then, being evil, know how do they spin:

to give good gills unto your chillren, 29 And yet I say unto you, That even how much more shall your Fathri Soloinon, in all his glory, was not ar- which is in heaven give good things to rayed like one of tliese.

then that ask him? 30 Wherefore, is God su clothe the 12 Therefore all things whatsoever grass of the field, which to-day is, and ye would that men should do to you, to-morrow is cast into the oven, shall do ye even so to tiem: for Wiis is lie 'le not much more clothe you, o ye of law and the prophets, little faith?

13 1 Enter ye in at the straight gate, 31 Therefore take no thought, say- for wide is the gate, and broad is the

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