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Rev. Srsputs JEWETT,

(Rev. ChauncEY PRINDLE,
Isaac Jones,

Smith Pyne,
Henry R. JUDAH,

Rodney RossITER,







Nath'l. S. WHEATON.
The following Clergymen, entitled to seats in this Convention, or
residing in this Diocese, were not present :
Rev. David BELDEN,

¡Rev. Wm. Lucas,


Ransom WARNER,


Milton Wilcox,
The Rev, A. Baldwin, from the Committee, to whom the certifi-
cates of the Lay Delegates were referred, reported that the following
persons had been duly elected, to represent their respective parishes
in this Convention :
Charles T. Nichols
, Bridgeport.

Jesse Ives,


Asaph Pinney
Isaac Stiles, North Haven,

Levi Hotchkiss, Derby,

Leonard Davie, North Killingworth.

William Robinson, Fairfield.
Elibu Harrison,

Simeon H. Miper. Stamford,

Eli Wilmot,

Joseph Finch, Southingtoni
Arnold Hurd, Monroe,

Samuel Wire, Oxford.
Abijab C. Peet, 3

Ashbel Landon, S
William M. Burrall, Canaan. Erastus Loveridge, New Preston,

Wait S. Northrop, Brookfield,
Jobp Meeker, )

Zera S. A. Peck,

Joseph Shelton, Huntington.

Dav. Beecher, Woodbridge, Bethany.
Jesse Tuttle, Jun. Hamden,
D. D. Warner, Plymouth, St. Pelers. Victor Fowler, North Guilford.

Thadeus Hoyt, Willon.
E. Talwage,

Constant L. Tuttle, do. St. Matthews. Dr. Federal Vandeburgh,

John G. Noble,

3 Milford.

Chur didates Tento



Daniel Lyon, Reading.

Emaluel Mosston, Cheshire.


David Cornwall,} Chatham.

Edwards Johnson, Stratford.


Henry Beers } Newlówn, Trinity. Felix Starkey, Essex
Benjamin Hurd,

St. James. Alfred Worthington, ) Borough.
Alanson Warren,} Watertown

PhineasyBradley, } Wooodbury.

Joshua Rublevett,} Granby.
John C. Wheeler, Humphreysville.
*Henry L. Dekoven,

Middletown. Moses Andrews, S

Enos H. Cortis,} Meridena
Ebenezer Jackson, Jr.

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John S. Peters, } Hebron.

*Wm. H. Imlay, Joel Foote,

*Simeon Griswold, Friend Starr,


*Samuel Tudor,

Cyprian Nichole,
Richard Milhos, } Norwich.

E. A. Prescolt,
Albert Smith,

Beriah Bradley,

New Haren.
Daniel Steele, Juo. Waterbury. Artemas Worthington, Salem.
Frederick Lee, Guilford.

These Delegates were present, with the exception of those whose names have this mark (*) affixed to them; and the roll being called, answered to their names, and took seats in Convention.

A quorum of both orders being present, the Convention proceeded to the election of a Secretary by ballot, when the Rev. WILLIAM JARVIS was unanimously re-elected. On motion, the Convention appointed Mr. BENJAMIN BROOKS, Assistant Secretary.

On motion, Resolved, That Clergymen of the Protestant Episcopal Church, who may be in the City, and not entitled to seats, and Candidates for Holy Orders, be admitted to honorary seats in the Convention.

Whereupon, the Rev. J. J. Robertson, a Missionary of the Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States ; the Rev. Harry Finch, from the Diocese of New Jersey ; and the Rev. Russell W. Wheeler, from the Diocese of New York ; and Mr. Fitch W. Taylor, and Mr. Charles Bradley, candidates for Holy Orders, took seats in Convention.

'The Rt. Rev. Bishop Brownell, agreeably to the 45th Capon of the General Convention of 1808, “providing for an accurate view of the state of the Church," delivered the following

ADDRESS. My brethren of the Clergy and of the Laily : The course of time has brought us to another of those periods, when we are accustomed to assemble together for mutual counsel and encouragement, and to devise such measures as, with the divine blessing, may conduce to the welfare and prosperity of our Zion. It is a season of much interest to ourselves and to the Church. We are naturally led to review the events of the past year, and to inquire what we bave done to advance the cause of our divine Redeemer. We bring forward a record of our labors, and a statement of the condition of those portions of the Church which constitute the sphere of our respective duties. It must lead us into an inquiry as to the fidelity with which we have discharged our trusts, and to a grateful recognition of the divioe agency where our labors bave been prospered. The lights which we bring together serve to aid us in our counsels ; and a sense of our own imperfections, which a review of the past cannot fail to inspire, must lead us to seek that divine direc.

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tion and assistance, without which all our consultations are but vain, and all our labors useless.

Since our last annual meeting, I have had ample opportunities of witnessing the condition of the Church at large, as well as in our own particular diocese. The survey has been highly encouraging, and such as should animate our exertions in the cause of primitive truth and order. Jo the month of June last, I attended the examination, and the Commencement of our General Theological Seminary, established at New York. This Institution will have its salutary influence extended, and its permanency secured, by the munificent bequest of one hundred thousand dollars, to be derived from the estate of the late Mr. Kbone, after the decease of his widow. It is greatly to be Jamented, that so few of our candidates for Holy Orders avail themselves of the advantages which this Seminary presents. So far as they are deterred by considerations in regard to the expense, may we not hope that a remedy will soon be found in the beneficence of the friends of the Church.

In August last, I attended the meeting of the General Convention of our Church, at Philadelphia. Its proceedings were highly interesting; and the Report on the state of the Church, presents such a view of the prosperity of the several Dioceses, as should call forth our thankfulness to the great Shepherd and Bishop of souls, who watches over them. The Right Rev. Dr. Meade was consecrated as Assistant Bishop of Virginia ; and two new dioceses, Kentucky and Tennessee, were received into union with the Convention.

At the request of the Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society of our Church, I have made an extensive Tour through those western and southern States of the Union, which are not under the jurisdiction of any Bishop of our Church ; for the purpose of performiog such Episcopal offices as might be desired, to visit the Missionary stations established by the society, and to take a general survey of the country, for the purpose of designating such other Missionary stations as might be usefully established. A summary Report of this Visitation has been made to the Board of Directors of the Society. It may suffice, for the present occasion, to state, that something more than one-third of the past year has been devoted to this Visitation. During which time, I have travelled nearly six thousand miles; preached or assisted at divine service, seventy-four times ; administered the sacrament of the Lord's Supper on several occasions ; baptized twenty-two children, and twelve adults ; administered the holy rite of Confirmation, in seven parishes, to one hundred and forty-two persons; consecrated the churches at Lexington and Louisville in Kentucky, at Natchez, Jefferson, and Woodville, in Mississippi, and at New Orleans, in Louisiana. I also admitted the Rev.John C. Porter, of the diocese of Mississippi, to the Holy Order of Priests. In the course of my visit to Louisiana and Alabama, I presided at Conven

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tions for the regular organization of the Church in those States.
Preliminary measures were also taken, at these Conventions, for unit.
ing the Churches of Mississippi, Louisiana, and Alabama, into a
South-Western Diocese. At the next meeting of the General Conven-
tion, it is probable that these measures may be so matured, as to open
the way for the consecration of a resident Bishop, to preside over the
concerns of the Church in this interesting portion of our country. It
is probable, too, that measures will soon be taken, by the Dioceses of
Kentucky and Tennessee, for the election and consecration of a Bish-
op, whose administrations may be extended over the North-Western
portion of the Union. Such arrangements would open a wide region
for the extension of the institutions of our Church, and must prove
highly auspicious to the cause of religion in the West.

It is with the most grateful recollections, that I avail myself of this
opportunity to acknowledge the cordiality and kindness with which I
was every where received during my visitation. I could not but
esteem myself happy, in being regarded by the scattered members of
our communion in the West, as the messenger and voucher of the
sympathies of their Eastern brethren. It is my constant prayer to
the great Head of the Church, that these sympathies may not be suffer-
el to languish ; that the religious intercourse which has been so favor-
ably commenced between the East and the West, may be continued and
enlarged, and that it may be abundantly blessed by the promotion of
pure and undefiled religion in our own hearts, and in the dissemina-
tion of it among our distant brethren.

The various avocations devolving on me, after so long an absence, have rendered my visitations in this Diocese, during the Spring season, less extensive than I could have wished. In the course of the past year, however, about the usual number of Parishes have been visited.

Many of these Parishes have not required the performance of any of those offices which are now to be reported, pursuant to the provisions of the 45th canon of our Church.

Since the last annual Convention, I have administered the Holy Rite of confirmation in the following Parishes of this Diocese, viz. :

In Simsbury to 4 persons-Meriden, 18-Middletown, 23-Norwich, 20-Salem, 26-Waterbury, 26-Watertown, 15-Woodbury, 10- Washington, 4-New Preston, 12-New Milford, 8---Kent, 5Sharon, 14--Salisbury, 13–Milton, 8-Northfield, 6-Monroe, 9Trumbull, 11-Pomfret, 10—In all, to 242 persons.

The following Ordinations have taken place during the past year, viz.-On the 3d of September, in St. John's church, Woodbury, I admitted the Rev. Wm. Lucas to the Holy Order of Priests; on the 5th of September, in St. Andrew's church, New Preston, I admitted the Rer. Harry Finch to the Holy Order of Priests ; and this day, I have admitted the Rer. Norman Pinney to the same holy office.

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I have consecrated five churches, since the last annnal Convention; viz:-St. Andrew's Church, Simsbury; Trinity Church, Southington; Christ Church, Norwich; St. Paul's Chapel, New Haven, and Christ Church, Pomfret. Three other churches are nearly ready for consecration, and arrangements are in progress for the erection of three or four more. The new edifice erected by the Parish of Christ Church, Hartford, was consecrated, during my absence, by the kindness of the Rt. Rev. Bishop Hobart.

Four new Parishes have been organized during the past year, from which applications will be made to be received into union with this Convention.

Great changes have taken place among our brethren of the Clergy, since our last meeting. The Rev. Smith Miles, of Chatham, the Rev. Joseph Perry, of New Haven, the Rev. Daniel Somers of Norwalk, and the Rev. William H. Judd, who was performing the duties of a Missionary in the State of Alabama, have been removed by death.While we bow, with humble submission, to these dispensations of Divine Providence, we cannot fail to be admonished io remember our own frailty, and redouble our diligence in our Master's cause; and, while we view the scanty number of the laborers, and the abundance of the harvest, we must feel constrained to pray to the Lord of the har. vest, that he would send forth more laborers into his harvest. The Rev. Samuel Fuller has received a dimissory letter to the Eastern Diocese, the Rev. William Shelton to the Diocese of New York, the Rev. Harry Finch to the Diocese of New-Jersey, and the Rev. Francis L. Hawks to the Diocese of Pennsylvania. The Rev. Palmer Dyer has relinquished the editorial charge of the Episcopal Watchman, and returned to the Diocese of New-York. The Rev. Birdsey G. Noble, who had relinquished the Parish of Middletown, and removed to the Diocese of New-Jersey, previous to the last Convention, has since that time received a dimissory letter to that Diocese, The accessions to the Diocese have not been equal in number to these losses which it has sustained. The Rev. Richard Peck has exhibited to me letters dimissory from the Eastern Diocese, and has taken the charge of the Parish of Huntington; the Rev. Christian F. Cruse', with letters dimissory from the Diocese of New Jersey, has accepted the office of Principal of the Episcopal Academy at Cheshire. The Rev. Ulysses M. Wheeler, from the Diocese of New York, is officiating as Minister of the Parish of Woodbury. The Rev. Charles Smith has presented dimissory letters from the same Diocese, and is officiating in the Parish of Fairfield, and the Rev. John S. Stone, from the Diocese of Maryland, has accepted the station of Associate Rector of Trinity Church, New-Haven. There have also been several removals within the Diocese, during the past year. The Rev. George C. Shepard has removed from the Parish of Hebron to that of Stratford, The Rev. Ashbel Steele has removed from Stratford to the Parish of Essex Borough. The

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