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Families, 43; communicants, 46; baptisms infants, 5; burials, 2.

The Sunday School has been small for the last year, but I think might ha

been much larger, conld an acceptable superintendent have been obtained.

My seryices ceased with ihis Parish at Easter; since that time, they have forined a union with the Parish in Bristol, which has enabled me to dissolve my connexion with it, as I have been desirous to do, with the Bishop's consent, so soon as suitable arrangements could be made.


REV, GEORGE LURGESS, RECTOR. Families, 251; baptisms-infants, 29, adults, 23; communicants-added, 73, died, 3, removed, 31, present number, 336; marriages, 13; burials, 15; confirmed, 74; Sunday School-teachers, 34, scholars 212 ; missonary and chariitable contributions for objects without the Parish, $1209.

The number of communicants will be materially increased in the course of the present summer, a confirmation having been holden since the last communion.

This Parish is increasing, united, and prosperous. The Rector would be wanting to his highest duty and happiness, if he did not gratefully acknowledge, at this time, the rich spiritual blessings which his congregation have been permitted to witness and enjoy, during the past Conventional year.

ST. MARK'S PARISH, NEW BRITAIN. Families, 15; communicants, 12; baptisms--children, 11, adults, 3, total, 14; burials, 3; marriage, 1 ; confirmations, 8.


SAMUEL TAYLOR, EBENEZER HALE, WARDENS, A new Church has been completed in this Parish, 62 feet in length and 42 in width. It is built of brick, with a stone basement, and has been filled with an attentive congregation of worshipers, on every occasion of public worship on which it has been opened. Number of families connected with the parish, is 82; communicants, 70.


REV. N. E. CORNWALL, RECTOR. Families, 84; baptisms--infants, 19; confirmed 4; communicants-added, by removals, 2, anew, 8, lost, by death, 1, removals, 5, present number, 117; marriages, 4; burials, 16, including 5 from families not belonging to the Parish; Sunday School-teachers, 10, scholars, 60; missionary and charitable contributions, $63.69, including the collection for three quarters, and appropriated as follows: to Board of Missions, $22.08; Christian Knowledge Society, $14.07; Church Scholarship Society, $9.25; General Theological Seminary, $12.88 ; Protestant Episcopal Tract Society, $1; and the Sunday School of the Parish, $4.41.

During the past year the exercises of the Bible class were suspended, familiar Bible lectures being substituted, which, it is believed, were not without some good effect. The Rector is encouraged to hope that the ministrations of the gospel are producing some good fruits arnong the people of his charge. PARISH OF ST. JAMES, INCLUDING ST. JAMES' CHURCH AND


Families, 74; baptisms infants, 7, adults, 8; confirmed, 19; communicants

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ars, 60.

-added, by removals and anew, 26, lost, by death, 1, removals, 9, present number, 70; marriages, 4; burials, '8; Sunday School-teachers, 21, schol.

No Parish in our Diocese, it is thought, has suffered in its temporal prosperity, more severely from the interruption of our country's mercantile prosperity, than this. In conseqnence of the decline of business, the Parish is unable to support a minister for more than one half of the time, during the present year. This half is divided alternately between the Church and Chapel. According to the present arrangement, the stated time for preaching at either place is only once in four Sundays. Under such circumstances, the congregation cannot be expected to increase in numbers or in strength. Already does our Sunday School feel the ill effects of the great vacancy between the stated services. But relying upon the goodness and faithfulness of Almighty God to fulfill his promises, we trust ihe Church, the branch of his own planiing, shall yet stand, shall yet flourish, and meet with triumphant success. And while we lament the depressed state of the Church in its temporal condition, and its humiliation, in the sight of its neighbouring denominations, we have just occasion for devout thanksnlness to the Great Head of the Church, for the increase of its apparent spiritual prosperity. In no year have the additions to the commnnion been so numerous as during the past, and never has the number of communicants been so large, as at present. These additions have been gradual. In a certain sense it may be said, "the Lord added to his Church daily, such as we trust will be saved." At every administration of the communion before the last, except one, (that of Christmas, occuring on a week day,) has there been enrolled ihe name of one or more new communicants; and even at the last communion there was expected the addition of one, had not circumstances interferred to binder attendance upon Church. May the Lord continue the increase of the true spiritual prosperity of his Church in this place, and in his own good time, bestow upon it that tempora) prosperity which its members feel to desire.


REV. GORDON SALTONSTALL COIT, RECTOR. Families, 270; baptisms infants, 32, adults, 4; confirmed, 20; communi. cants, 240, added, by removals, 10, anew, 6, lost, by dealb, 5, removals, 3; marriages, 16; burials, 21 ; Sunday School-teachers, 21, scholars, 150; Bible class, 24 ; missionary and charitable contributions, $245 /A.


REV. WM. COOPER MEAD, RECTOR. Baptisms,infants, 24, adults, 2; communicants-added, by removals, 8, lost, by death, 5, present number, 125; marriages, 5; burials, 27, Sunday Scboo!-reachers, 24, scholars, 140; missionary, and charitable contributions, 3230.

Among the number of the deceased communicants, the Rector has to include the Damne of the venerable Hezekiah Jarvis, youngest brother of the second Biskup of this Diocese. By the death of Mr. Jarvis, an exemplary Christian and déroed Churchman, has been removed from the Church' militant to the Courco iriamphant. Afier a life spent in serving his God and doing goud in bis generation, this father in the Church, firm in the faith of the gospei, and with perfect resignation to the divine will, slept in Jesus, at the advanced age of 92 years, 72 of wbich he had been a worthy and onsistent communicant of the Church of Christ.

The temporal interests of the Parish have floorisbad during the past year ; and ibe Recior is encouraged by the belief, that if the spiritgal improvement of its members has not, apparen: y, conteyarded there with, it has been such as to cheer bin in his work, and to simulate in to grez:er ezerlions.

It is confider ed that the Parish wiii, in a very short time, enlargo

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or rebuild their Church, which is now far from sufficient to accommodate all who desire lo unile in our services.

The required collection has been made for the Christian Knowledge Society, and amounted to $35.' Extra services have been held during Lent, and at other times in various parts of the Parish. About 60 volumes have been added to the Sunday School library.

Several candidates are preparing for confirmation, which it is expected will be administered in the autumn.


REV. S. C. STRATTON, RECTOR. Families, 190; communicants-added, 6, died, 3, present number, 177; baptisms-adults, 1, infants, 16, total, 17 ; marriages, 13; confirmed, 7; bnrials-adulls, 12, children, 5; Bible classes, 4, number of scholars, 124; Sunday School-teachers, 31, scholars, 186; scholars in branch school at Flatswamp, 27; whole number, 212.' Volumes in the Sunday School library, 533 ; volumes in the adult library, 225; copies of the Childrens' Magazine, taken in the congregation, 43; copies of the Spirit of Missions, 12; other Church papers, 38; missionary and charitable contributions, $107.25.

The Rector has pleasure in reporting that the general state of the congregation is flourishing. He constantly preaches to large congregations, who manifest great attention to the word, and increasing serioussness. Some cases of deep and hopeful piety have occurred during the past year. The Bible classes, four in number, were well attended during the last winter and spring; and have, evidently, been productive of good. The Sunday School also is prosperous, as the scholars have not only access to a large and excellent library, but most of their teachers have been specially prepared for their work, by the exercises of the Bible classes. We have from 120 to 150 readers of the adult library. It has been so ordered in the providence of God, that the other denominations in Newtown bave been left without settled ministers, which has devolved on the Rector of the Episcopal Church, the whole burden of sustaining public services. In consequence of which, he has found it necessary greatly to multiply the number of public appointments. A portion of which have been extended to the congregation of St. James', Zoar, who have expressed their determination to unite again with the Parish of Trinity Church, as soon as the necessary arrangements can be made. If the resources of the Parish would justify the increased expense, there is abundant employment for two clergymen, and in that case, the Church could occupy the whole ground in Newtown.


REV, ELI WHEELER, RECTOR. The present Rector took charge of this Parish on the first of August last, since which he reports, baptisms, 1 adult, 5 infants; marriages, 2; funerals, 12; communicants—died or removed from the Parish, 7, added, 9, present number, 108; families, as near as ascertained, 65; confirmed, 8; monthly offerings, $22.28; Sunday School-superintendents, 1 male, 1 female, 2; teachers, male, 8, female, 7, 15; scholars, male, 35, female, 29, 64.

I am happy to state that the congregation of St. Stephen's are punctual in their

attendance on public worship, and that the Parish is in a sound, united, and healthy state. It also gives me pleasure to add, that the present flourish. ing condition of the Parish is owing, under the blessing of God, principally to the labours of my two immediate predecessors, the Rev. Messrs. Todd and Clarke.


REV. GEORGE C. SHEPHARD, RECTOR. Families, 131 ; baptisms infants, 2; confirmed, 7; communicants, 134

added, by removals, 6, anew, 2, lost, by death, 3, removals, 2; marriages, 5; burials, 8; Sunday School--teachers, 12, scholars, 63; missionary and charitable contributions-Sunday School, $19.41; Bible Society, $30; Education for ministry, $95; Tract Society, $32.50; Missions, 45224.58 : total, $401.41.

The Church has been open for divine service, usually three times each Lord's day. On every Wednesday evening, a lecture in the academy; and we have a monthly missionary meeting held in the same place. The Parish appears generally prosperous; the people attentive to the means of grace, and willing to aid the missionary and other kindred causes.


REV. AMBROSE S. TODD, RECTOR. Families, 80; baptisms,infants, 13, adults, 4; confirmed, 7; communicants -added, anew, 7, lost, by death, 2, removals, 3, present number, 128; marriages, 8; burials, 8; Sunday School--teachers, 9, scholars, 30; missionary and charitable contributions, $20.35.

Other distributions have been made for charities connected with the Church and Parish; and the Rector is enabled to report this Parish as in a flourishing state. There is evidently a growing attention to the subject of religion, and the attendance and the demand for pews yesterday, was greater than can be supplied. It is believed that the Parish, from these circumstances, will soon become aroused to the necessity of erecting a new and larger Church.


REY. EDWARD INGERSOLL, RECTOR. Families, -57; baptisms,adult, 1, infants, 18; communicants-added, 8, present number, 52; confirined, 10; marriages, 5; burials, 12; Sunday School --teachers, 18, scholars, 60.

The temporal condition of this Parish is truly prosperous. As to its spiritual state, the Rector is pained to observe a lamentable inattention to the subject of vital religion. May the good and gracious Lord have mercy upon us, and pour down upon us the abundant influences of his Holy Spirit.

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REV. EDWARD J. DARKEN, LATE RECTOR. Families, 52; baptisms,infants, 8, adults, 2; confirmed, 2; communicants -added, anew, 7, lost, by death, 3, removals, 3, present number, 32; marriages, 2; burials, 7. 'At Weston, families, 27; baptisms-infants, 1 ; communicants -added, anew, 3, lost, by death, 1 ; burials, 2.

Through Providence, several of the most able supporters of the Church in this place, (viz. Reading,) bave been removed. The Parish, however, is still striving with a laudable degree of zeal to support its services. For several of the past months, much interest appears 10 have been felt on the subject of religion, and although comparatively few have been led openly to profess Christ, the writer cannot but indulge the hope that he has not run in vain, neither laboured in vain. The Parish, since Easter, has been without the services of a clergyman.


REV. D. G. TOMLINSON, RECTOR. Families, 80; baptisms—infants, 9; communicants-added, 1, died or removed, 6, present number, 75; marriages, 6; burials, 7; Sunday Schoolteachers, 10, scholars, 58; Bible class, 28; missionary and charitable contributions, $43.64.

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The Rector has not that peculiar satisfaction wbich every minister of Christ knows how to appreciate, of being able to say there is evidence among bis people of decided, increased attention to the subject of personal religion, and hence, that the spiritual condition of the Parish is in a deligh:sul state of improvement. Though denied this gratification, it has been his endeavour to preach with some degree of faithfulness, the gospel of Jesus, and to encourage his people to accept of the gospel terms of salvation without delay. Our Sunday School is in a pleasingly prosperous condition.


REV. JOSEPH H. NICHOLS, RECTOR. Families, 47; communicants, 28-added, 2, from other Churches, 5, lost, by death, 1 ; marriage, 1 ; funerals, 6–2 of these were of persons in the adjoining parish of Stamford; Sunday School-children, 40, teachers, 7; contributions for Domestic and Foreign Missions, $10.27; for Christian Knowledge Society, $9.

Alibough the Church in this place has much to contend against, it may be justly said of it, that it more than maintains its ground. As other denominaiions have alınost entire possession of the field around us, and as the annual accession to the whole population of the town is small, we do not expect to be built up at once. Grateful to God for his former blessings on our humble Zion, we cheerfully wait his own good time for a larger increase in numbers, and a richer growth in grace.


Families, 50; baptisms—infants, 8, adults, 2 ; communicants-added, 1, re-
moved, 3, present number, 61; confirmed, 8; marriages, 6; burials, 1; Sunday
School-teachers, 9, scholars, 54; missionary and charitable contributions-
Foreign Missions, $18 58; Domestic Missions, $18.53; Christian Knowledge
Sociely, $4; lotal, $11.11.

In this Parish there has been no very essential alteration since last year. Some improvement has been made in the interior of the Church, which renders the seats more convenient. The Sunday School numbers a few more scholars, and appears to be prosperous. General harmony continues.

ST. JAMES', NEWTOWN. St. James' Parish, Newtown, being destitute of a Rector, I have given a few lectures there, and attended two marriages and two funerals,


REV. THOMAS CLARK, RECTOR. Families, 50; baptisms—infants, 3; communicants-died or removed, 2, present number, 48; confirmed, 3; marriage, 1; burials, 4; Sunday School ieachers, 8, scholars, 40; missionary and charitable contributions—to Society Promotion Christian Knowledge, $14, for library books, $4, monthly offerings, $35, of which $29.50 have been remitted to the Domestic Missionary Society-lotal $53.

It will be seen, by the preceding statistics, that we cannot speak of much apparent prosperity. Past difficulties, together with deaths and removals, have had an unfavourable effect.

Besides the regular services on Sundays, I have frequently had an expository lecture, as a third service, which I have substituted in the place of the Bible class. During a considerable part of the year, I have delivered a weekly lecture at different districts of the township. As a people we are not so much interested in spiritual things as we ought to be, both for the honour of religion, and the safety and happiness of our own souls. But I endeavour, by a diligent

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