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Where is she, whose looks were love and gladness?
--Love and gladness l 10 longer see!
She is gone; and since that hour of sadness,
Nature seenis her sepulchre to me.





240 Pourt street, pour of Bulina,


To * * * *

Some years ago, my friend, I made a tour in Canada a and was introduced to a gentleman whose extensive knowledge of the local scenery of that Province, and of the most influential persons in society, greatly facilitated my pursuits, and enlarged my information. He accompanied me to Montmorenci, Lorette, and Lake Charles. On our return, as we sauntered around the mill at the Indian village, admiring the picturesque beauties of the rapids in the stream.-" This place, said Diganu ; is associated with very affecting occurrences." " What were they ?" was my inquiry.

He paused, as if perplexed at the consciousness of an imprudent disclosure ; and upon my repeating the question, he merely added, -" The tale is too long for our present bearing, and must not now be told.”

On a subsequent visit to Quebec, a large party proposed the same excursion, again to enjoy a sail upon the Lake. Diganu took his seat in my caleche. We halted at the Indian village on our return; and having crossed the bridge, we arrived at the spot where the dell is viewed in all its strike ing varieties. After surveying the river and its banks with

much emotion; my aged companion remarked.--"I intimated to you two years ago, the intense interest which I feel in beholding this scene.”

" Yes, I replied, and my curiosity was awakened by your intimation. Often at a long distance have I remembered Lorette, and have been sadly tantalized with your reserve."

* The expression of my feelings then, in a measure, was involuntary–he answered—but the causes of my silence will soon cease to exist, so that before you leave Montreal, you shall possess the whole story. It is not probable, be added-after our separation for this season, that we shall ever meet again on earth. My age precludes the possibility of my long con- tinuance in this world; and as you do not expect to be in Canada until a distant period shall bave arrived I will confide to you the circumstances to which I alluded ; with other details of human life, which I have met with during my terrestrial pilgrimage.”

Prior to my departure; Diganu presented me a large sealed packet. “ This parcel, said he, contains the record of some past events and characters. It is not to be opened until you have been apprised of my decease. After that event, the narratives are subject to your disposal.”

My friend's painful anticipation was realized. We met no more. During the last spring, when I was looking forward to the pleasure that I should experience in a renewal of social intercourse with the veteran; after the lapse of a longer time

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