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The present work has been undertaken for the purpose of supplying an explanation of the Psalms sufficiently complete for practical purposes, yet free from the technicalities of Hebrew grammar that frequently render such works distasteful to many readers. Consequently all reference to Hebrew words and constructions has been omitted except when really necessary to bring out the correct meaning.

The text of the Latin Vulgate has been taken as a basis because it is the official text of the Church, and because it is the text most familiar to those accustomed to the Divine Office. The text of the Douay Version is also given for the benefit of those who do not know Latin. Both texts are given with the spelling, punctuation, and use of capitals exactly as found in approved editions, but they are divided into strophes and verses according to the meaning. Whenever the Hebrew text differs from the Latin due note of it is made in the explanation, and reference to the Hebrew text is often made to get the true sense of the Latin.

A synopsis of each psalm is given showing at a glance its purpose and general meaning. This is followed by an explanation in which the meaning is usu

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