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31. 1863.

JAMES AYER, M.D., Boston.
EDWARD BARTON, M.D., Orange, Ms.
JOHN ELLIS BLAKE, M D., Middletown,

HENRY I. BOWDITCH, M.D., Peofessor
of Clinical Medicine, and one of the
Physicians of the Massachusetts Gen-
eral Hospital.

W. A. HARVEY, M.D, Yarmouth, Me.
LEWIS A. HEARD, M.D., Acting Ass't
Surgeon U. S. A., at Casparis Hospi-
tal, Washington, D. C.

R. M. HODGES, M.D., Boston.
T. S. LAMBERT, M.D., Peekskill, N.Y.
HENRY A. MARTIN, M.D., Roxbury,
Mass., Surgeon U. S. Vols.

FRANCIS H. BROWN, M D., Cambridge, R. D. MUSSEY, M.D., formerly Profes.

sor of Surgery at Dartmouth College.

JAMES BRYAN, M.D., Post Surgeon, W. E. RICE, M.D., South Boston.

Roanoke, N. C.

Professor of Obstetrics in Massachu-
setts Medical College.

DAVID W. CHEEVER, M.D., Demonstra-
tor of Anatomy in Massachusetts
Medical College.

U.S. N.

LE B. RUSSELL, M D., Boston.
AMOS SAWYER, M D., Hillsboro', Ill.
of Theory and Practice in Harvard
Medical College.

A. BRYANT CLARKE, M.D., Holyoke, THOMAS T. SMILEY, M.D., Surgeon in


GEORGE DERBY, M.D., Surgeon 23d

Reg. Mass. Vols. and Post Surgeon.
JOHN H. DIX, M.D., Boston.

J. P. FARNWSORTH, M.D., Lyons, Io.
W. C. B. FIFIELD, M.D., Dorchester,

S. FITCH, M.D., Portland, Me.

JAMES N. FRASER, M.D., St. Johns,

charge of U. S. Military Hospital at
Hilton Head, S. C.

B. F. TAFT, M.D., Blackstone, Mass.
GEORGE G. TUCKER, M.D., Westfield,

bridgeport, Mass.

THOMAS WELSH, M.D., Acting Ass't
Surgeon U. S. N.


ron, Michigan, late Ass't Surgeon
3d Michigan Infantry.



Abortionist's instruments, 530

Abscess, of cerebrum, 249; in liver, 296;
lumbar, 142, 167
Africans, contract surgeons to take charge
of, 108

Air, cooling power of on the human body,


Air-space of hospitals, Surgeon-General's
order concerning, 406
Alcohol, is it food? 215
Ambulances, army, 488; Dr. Bowditch
on, 152, 157, 164; abuse of, letter from
Dr. Bowditch on foreign ambulance sys-
tems, 204; note from an ex-southern
apothecary upon, 427; system of in
U. S. Army, 220; memorial on, 187;
organization of for the army, 243, 285;
ambulance knapsacks, French, 400
American Dental Convention, 225
American Pharmaceutical Association, 128,


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Baldness, common cause of, 236
Barton, Dr. E. Case of accidental resec-
tion of elbow-joint, 32
Bedford, Dr. G. S., note from, 388
Berkshire College, list of graduates at, 346
Berkshire Medical Society, meeting of, 67
Bibliographical notices, 59, 280, 399, 501
Biliary calculus of nearly pure cholester-
ine, 14

Blake, Dr. John E.

Cases in country
practice, No. VI., 49; No. VII., 89
Blackall and Bright, Dr. Jackson on, 17
Board for examining contract surgeons,

&c., 108

Boards of Health in California, 88
Bouisson, 296

Boston, health of in 1862, 489; Dispensa-
ry, statistics, 285; hospital inspectors
from, 368; Society for Medical Improve-
ment, reports of, 14, 81, 142, 181, 278,
295, 360; vital statistics of, 28, and

Bowditch, Dr. H. I. New lancetted probe,
487; on the ambulance system, 204
Brain, two cases of disease of, 249
Breech-pin of gun imbedded in the face
eight years, 471

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Brigade surgeon, diary of a, 311, 374, 496
Brodie, Sir Benjamin, 289; death of, 308
Bronchus, tracheotomy tube dropped into,


Brown, Dr. Francis H. Case of poison-
ing by Cannabis Indica, 291; Surgical

cases, 491

Bryan, Dr. James, U. S. A. Diary of a
Brigade Surgeon attached to the Burn-
side expedition, 311, 374, 496

California, boards of health in, 88; medi-
cal degrees in, 88


Calculus, black, renal, 278

Camp diarrhoea, treatment of, 103

Cotton as a substitute for lint, 284
Country practice, cases in, 49, 89

Camps of Massachusetts, report of Dr. Croup, and diphtheria, cases in the same

Jarvis's visit to the, 363, 381

Canada oil-wells, 66

Cancer and tubercle, coexistence of, 413,

Cannabis Indica, case of poisoning by, 291
Carbonic acid as an anæsthetic, 227
Carbuncle, caused by eating flesh of cattle
affected with pleuro-pneumonia, 106
Carney, Charles T., notice of the death of,

Case from an old common-place book-
medical practice in 1807, 212
Case from my Note-Book, 29
Cases, in country practice, 49, 89; in mil-
itary surgery, 214, 252, 491; in U. S.
hospital at Hilton Head, 269
Cataract, 91, 133, 155, 174
Caterpillars, venomous, 85

Cattle, diseased, 106

Central Park Hospital, New York, 328

Cerebellum, cyst in, 251

Cerebrum, abscess of, 249

Cervix uteri, amputation of, 61

family, 49, 360; membrane expelled by
Crysimum, or erysymum? 367
a patient with, 436

Cummings, Dr. A. K. Expulsion of tæ-
nia solium, 469
Cyst in cerebellum, 251

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Dialysis, 516

Channing, Dr. Walter. Retention of por- Diarrhoea, camp, treatment of, 103; chro-

tion of the placenta, 149

Charges of Paris physicians, 289
Cheever, Dr. David W.

Surgical cases in
Judiciary Square Hospital, Washington,


Children, veratrum viride in pulmonary
diseases of, 266

Chloroform, deaths from, 523; narrow
escape from death by, 525; treatment of
suspended animation from, 52; in mid-
wifery, 87

Chocolate, analysis of, 470

Cholesterine, biliary calculus of, nearly
pure, 14

Cincinnati, medical fee-table of, 102
City Hospital, 486

Clarke, Dr. A. Bryant. Case of co-ex-
istence of cancer and tubercle, 474
Cleanliness in hospitals, importance of,346
Clinical lectures on diseases of women,501
Cod-liver oil, fattening cattle on, 408;
mode of administering, 87

Commission, Sanitary, statistics of, 65;
donation to, 328

Comstock, Dr. Joseph. Paris medical
men and their charges, 289
Concours, medical examination by in Paris,


Concretions, fatty, discharged after taking
a large quantity of sweet oil, 433; after
taking linseed oil, 448
Congress, ophthalmological, in Paris, 430
Contagiousness, of phthisis, question of,
498; of typhoid fever, 189
Contraction, hour-glass, 76
Convention, American Dental, 225
Cooling power of the air on the human
body, measurement of, 95
Cordeiro, Dr., death of, 307

nic, among Confederate prisoners, 266
Diary of a brigade surgeon, 311, 374,

Diet-table, new, for U. S. military hospi-
tals, 402

Diet, in the British army, 407
Dilator, use of in tracheotomy, 368
Diphtheria, cases of, 433; treatment of,
468, 527; and croup in the same family,


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Facial paralysis, 14
False membrane, expectorated by a patient
with croup, 436
Farnsworth, Dr. J. P. Case of pityriasis
nigra, 432

Fat as an antidote to strychnia, 325
Fattening cattle on cod-liver oil, 408
Fatty concretions discharged from the
bowels, 433, 448

Fee-table, medical, Cincinnati, 102
Females, aged and indigent, Association
for relief of, 489

Femoral artery, wound of, 369

Fever, intermittent, 13; puerperal, 77;
yellow, at Port Royal, 449
Fibroid tumor of the uterus, 49
Fifield, Dr. W. C. B. On the pulsating
empyema of necessity, 229

Fitch, Dr. S. Excision of a large uterine
polypus, 309

Fœtus, transmitting syphilis to the mother,

Foot, glass in, for 15 years, 227
Fracture of vertebra, 297

Fraser, Dr. James N. Breech-pin of gun
imbedded in the bones of the face eight
years, 471

French ambulance knapsacks, 400
Frozen well in Vermont, 147
Fungi, straw, inoculation with, 287

Gangrene, of throat, 326

Gay, Dr. G. H. Report to the Surgeon-
General, 268, 281; on military surgery,

Georgetown, hospitals in, 286
Gestation in double uterus, 107
Gibson, Dr. William B., death of, 324
Glass in foot, 15 years, 227
Glaucoma, iridectomy in, 147, 429; sur-
gical treatment of, 69

Green, Prof. Horace, new work by, 108
Gun-shot injuries, Stromeyer and Esmarch
on, 399; of the head, 237; of the head,
involving the brain, 421

Hæmoptysis, diagnosis of, 238
Handbook of Surgical Operations, 147
Harsen, Dr., death of, 490
Harvard Medical College, lectures at, 268
Harvey, Dr. W. A. Hour-glass contrac-
tion, 76

Haven, Dr. S. Foster, Jr., notice of death
of, 505

Head, deeply penetrating wound of, 22;
gunshot wound of, 237, 421
Health, of Boston, in 1862, 489; of 1st
Mass. regiment, 248; of Providence,
R. I., 66, 148; boards of in California,
88; of Scotland, 398
Heard, Dr. Lewis. Wound of femoral
artery, 369

Heart, recovery from wound of, 148
Hernia, strangulated inguinal, 389
Hilton Head hospital, cases in, 269

Hints and observations on military hy-
giene, 61

Hoarseness, query concerning remedy
for, 345; and sore throat, 286
Hodges, Dr. R. M. Injury to the arm
common to young children, 129
Holmes's (Prof.) Introductory Lecture,307
Hospitals, air-space of, 406; construction
of, 379; directory of, 367; importance
of cleanliness in, 346; overcrowding
of, 344; government inspection of, 328;
government, report of Drs. Bowditch
and Ellis on, 322; U. S., patients in,
326; in Georgetown, 286; general, of
the army, inspection of, letter from the
Sanitary Commission, 207; U. S. mili-
tary, inspection of, instruction to inspec-
tors, 262; military, in Maryland and
Washington, report of Dr. Le Baron
Russell's visit to, 354; U. S. military,
new diet-table for, 402; military and
camp, and health of troops in the field,
40; in San Francisco, 347; Washing-
ton, letter on, 303; inspection of, Dr.
W. E. Coale on, 223; inspectors from
Boston, 368; Central Park, N. Y., 328;
U. S. at Hilton Head, cases in, 269;
Judiciary Square, surgical cases in, 252;
Long Island College, commencement of,
128; military, at New Haven, 228;
military, at Portsmouth, R. I., 114; new
City, 486; New York Ophthalmic, 208;
Rainsford Island, report, 488; reading
for inmates of Mass. General, 67; St.
Mary's, San Francisco, 86; West Phil-
adelphia General, 228; Steward's Man-
ual, 281

Hour-glass contraction, 76
Hydrocele, 290
Hydrophthalmia and enucleation of the
eye-ball, 511

Hygiene, military, hints and observations
on, &c., 61; and military surgery, lec-
tures on, 469
Hypertrophy, enormous, of os and cervix
uteri, 349
Hypophosphites of lime and soda, 227

Infantile erysipelas, treatment of, 45
Inguinal hernia, strangulated, 389
Injuries, gun-shot, Stromeyer and Es-
march on, 399

Inoculation with straw fungi, 287
Inspection, hospital, 223; of general hos-
pitals of the army, letter from the Sani-
tary Commission, 207; of U. S. milita-
ry hospitals, instruction to inspectors,
262; of military hospitals, first report
of Dr. Clark, Inspector-in-chief, 443
Inspectors, of government hospitals, 328;

hospital, from Boston, 368
Intermittent fever, nitrate of potass in,
221; oil of savin as a remedy for, 93;
in a person some years after exposure, 13
Introductory lectures, 307, 327

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