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" A plane superficies is that in which any two points being taken, the straight line between them lies wholly in that superficies. vm. "A plane angle is the inclination of two lines to one another in a plane, which meet together, but are not in the same... "
The synoptical Euclid; being the first four books of Euclid's Elements of ... - Página 1
por Euclides - 1853
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Euclid in Greek, Volumen1

Euclid - 1920 - 304 páginas
...sight. Simson substituted in his Euclid a different definition to the effect that 'A plane surface is that in which, any two points being taken, the straight line joining them lies wholly in the surface,' a definition which is equivalent to others found in Heron...
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The London, Edinburgh and Dublin Philosophical Magazine and Journal of Science

1874 - 1096 páginas
...a definition is to be attempted at all, it would be hard to produce a better than the old one — " A straight line is that which lies evenly between its extreme points ;" but, of course, the word evenly as much requires definition as the word straight. Mr. Wilson adds...
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